Petersburg’s newest fire station was a much needed addition to this little town. Built in 2012 solely with state funds, this fire hall is over 18,500 square feet of fire fighting space. As you walk in the side entrance to the building you are greeted with a glass display which contains all the trophies and awards the fire station has achieved from attending various fire conferences and competitions. Of the 65 volunteer fire fighters only two are paid staff. The garage can hold 3 fire engines, 1 rescue truck, 2 ambulances, 1 search and rescue truck and 1 administrative pickup truck. There are two sleeping quarters and two shower rooms to the facility. There is also a conference room that can sit up to 42 people comfortably with tables and chairs. The conference room has a sound system, and a roll down screen. Its impressive to see these volunteers work. These fire fighters work extremely hard in addition to their daily lives to ensure that all the residents of Petersburg are safe and sound. My hat goes off to all these hard working volunteers and I can’t begin to thank them enough for all that they do to make this little town what it is. Everyone should hug their volunteer firefighter today!  

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