Our 5th grade students created a mural of Martin Luther King Jr. out of Rubik’s Cubes and displayed them in the window of the real estate office of Anchor Properties. This colorful puzzle toy which was created in 1974 was put to good use to pay homage to one of Americas great leaders in the Civil Rights movement. The students learned quickly the math needed to solve a Rubik’s cube so teacher Sara Hadad-Dembs took the assignment to a more educational level.

Petersburg Alaska, located in the heart of southeast Alaska, has only one elementary and high school. Our elementary school ranks 52nd (2017) out of 187 public schools in the state and has a student/teacher ratio of 15 to 3. Teachers at Rae C. Stedman Elementary make learning fun with creative ways to teach students. This display was a great hands-on way of educating kids, on many levels, history and math together. The display was completed in time for Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday and will continue to stay up through the month of February, black History month.

If you are around this fantastic fishing town swing by Anchor Properties, have a free cup of coffee and enjoy this tribute to one of America’s great leaders.  

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