Baranof Warm Springs is a wonderful quiet retreat 35 miles from Petersburg, Alaska. Traveling by boat, it would take you around 12 hours to reach this destination. It’s a small, seasonally occupied community located in the city/borough of Sitka, Alaska, on the eastern side of Baranof Island in the Alexander Archipelago. It is occasionally referred to simply as Baranof.

The springs are located on Warm Springs Bay which is just off of Chatham Strait. If you go just about a half mile up from the settlement, you’ll find Baranof Lake. This is a large freshwater lake fed from small unnamed glacial run-off streams as well as the Baranof River. Baranof Lake is between the half mile outlet between Baranof Lake and Warm Springs Bay. There are a series of rapids and waterfalls here that have proven to be lethal when run.

This is a great place to visit year round with the family or alone. Hiking trails, warm hot tubs — peace and quiet. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a soak in the natural hot springs! Fish for salmon, halibut, rock fish, prawns, crab … live off the hook and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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