Angela Menish

Angela Menish

Licensed Agent | Petersburg

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    Angela Menish is a board certified nurse practitioner and a longtime resident of Petersburg, Alaska. She holds a strong passion for advocacy, inclusivity, collaboration, and transparency, which align perfectly with the core values of the real estate industry. Angela’s pursuit of a career in real estate led her to join the esteemed Anchor Properties team, where she works alongside like-minded professionals to help clients achieve their real estate goals.

    Angela’s keen eye for detail and commitment to providing exceptional service has made her an invaluable member of Anchor Properties. Her love for connecting with people and helping them achieve their dreams make her a natural fit for the industry. Angela is especially inspired by Bennett’s approach to client relationships and advocacy, and she takes great pride in being part of a real estate company that shares her values.

    In her free time, Angela enjoys engaging in community service projects and participating in professional development opportunities to keep her skills sharp. Her dedication to continuous learning and improvement is a testament to her commitment to excellence in everything she does.

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